Capacity Ductile Iron Pipes

Capacity: 150,000 tons per year
Key technology: water-cooling centrifugal casting
Size: DN 80 to DN 800
ISO 2531 (International standard)
GB/T 13295 (Chinese national standard)
EN 545 / EN 598 (European standard)
AWWAC 151 (US standard)
KSD 4311 (South Korean standard)
AS 2280 (Australian standard)

Capacity Ductile Iron Fittings

Capacity: 10,000 tons per year

Key technology: lost foam casting

Size: DN 80 to DN 1600


ISO 2531 (International standard)

GB/T 13295 (Chinese national standard) 

EN 545 / EN 598 (European standard)

Origin Of XUANSHI!

SUNS group is located in Gaoping city of Shanxi Province and in ancient time, Gaoping city was called “XUANSHI”. At that time the local high quality coal can directly smelt iron ore, thus as early as in the period of the Spring and Autumn, Gaoping(XUANSHI) took the lead in entering the Iron Age from the Bronze Age. Later in the time of Ming and Qing dynasty and the Republic of China, Gaoping witnessed a period of great prosperity of casting industry when just only Gaoping's ironware output accounts for 20% of the whole country’s, which is very rare, the company is named “XUANSHI”, aimed at passing on the history of Gaoping casting industry and strengthening the local manufacture industry


SUNS FLOW SYSTEMS is a professional group manufacture wide range of Ductile Iron pipes, Ductile Iron Fittings, Ductile Iron Valves & other products used for water networks, sewer networks, water/waste water treatment plants, industrial plants & other applications. SUNS locate in China, Republic of Ireland & other countries. SUNS manufacturing facilities are wide used in many countries started since 1983. SUNS manufacture very high quality products meet International Standards, European Standards, Japanese Standards, Korean Standards, USA Standards & Others.


* Comprehensive range of products: SUNS produce full range of all required items to build water networks we can be one source for all required items SUNS produce small and big sizes in all types of products of pipes, Fittings, Valves, Instruments & others.

* Multi- standards production: SUNS produce many types of required standards in many countries, we cover International and local standards for many countries in the world.

* Develop excellent flow characteristics: SUNS always develop lower head losses products to reduce power loses during powered networks, all our products tested by high technology flow analyses to reach best efficiency points.

* Green Technology : SUNS policy is to reduce carbon emissions during manufacturing cycle, we grow trees on our owned lands to compensate all carbon emissions and reach zero emissions by 2020. Other Technics used to consider other environmental requirements.

* Research & Development : SUNS R&D activities succeed to develop unique patents, products & technologies, the developments don’t stop, production technology always under updating ,SUNS operate two R&D centers one in China and one in Europe.

* High quality and good price: SUNS drive on the world railway, competitive price and high quality are the main key points developed by management, all our products are tested by our laboratories and by international firms to assure high quality. Reducing the cost of production is serious demand by factories plans.

* Proven Long Life: SUNS give guaranteed and proven long life for products, some of products can be guaranteed up to 100 years, SUNS develop special department to develop products and prove life cycle, SUNS provide all information required for life cycle of the products for operation companies, also a special consulting services can be provided to help client order products specifications for required life cycle, SUNS team can provide full consultation services and survey to indicate all features for life cycle information.